Links 4/7/2021

3 eggs found, 18 lieutenants lost at base Easter egg hunt Duffel Blog. A couple of days late but still amusing.

The Joy and Privilege of Growing Up in an Indie Bookstore Literary Hub

The Strange Convulsion in Scottish Politics Craig Murray


Japan’s Cherry Blossoms Hit Earliest Peak Bloom in 1,200 Years Treehugger

Talks collapse on Ethiopia’s Nile dam Deutsche Welle

Indigenous Peoples Are the Best Protectors of Forests, New UN Report Shows Treehugger

Facing Ka‘ena Point: On Turning Eighty New Yorker. Paul Theroux.

Modern Crime-Solving Methods vs. the Mystery of World War II Deaths NYT

Julian Assange

Everything The West Claims It Values Is Invalidated By Its Treatment Of Assange Caitlin Johnstone

All Eyes on Digital Payments Project Syndicate


Coronavirus latest: EU life expectancy drops after decades of increases FT

Oxford/AstraZeneca jab could have causal link to rare blood clots, say UK experts Guardian

HK warned off Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine over variant concerns FT

Taiwan Begins Slow Early Rollout of AstraZeneca Vaccines The Diplomat

Public health experts urge Americans to not skip 2nd vaccine dose Fox5

U.K. Carriers Push Air Bridge to U.S. Amid Vaccination Success WSJ

Ending in February 2021’: Expert Covid committee’s ‘supermodel’ flounders as second wave surges Scroll

100,000 New COVID-19 Cases and Bad Governance Push India to Cusp of Disaster The Wire

CGD recommends Indian digital vaccination certificate solution architecture for US Economic Times

Detroit will send workers door-to-door to urge residents to get the COVID-19 vaccine WWJ 950

Brazil’s COVID-19 death surge set to pass the worst of record U.S. wave Reuters

Canada faces ‘very serious third wave’ of pandemic: Trudeau Al Jazeera

Covid-19 raises risk of depression and dementia, study suggests BBC

The Roots of the EU’s Vaccine Debacle Project Syndicate

Ivy League Acceptance Rates Fall to Record Lows Due to Covid-19 WSJ

Los Angeles Families Reluctant to Return Kids to School Capital & Main

California aims to fully reopen its economy June 15 LA Times


The stability of an isolate of the SARS-CoV-2 B.1.1.7 lineage in aerosols is similar to three earlier isolates The Journal of Infectious Diseases

Biden Administration

There’s no point person in Biden’s HHS for its $187 billion Covid-19 fund for health care providers Stat

Schumer gets his game changer The Hill

Biden and the Democrats Are Getting Serious About Raising Corporate Taxes Truthout

Five ways an obscure Senate ruling could change Washington The Hill

Can Biden Finally Get Immigration Reform Passed? Capital & Main

Roundup: Biden infrastructure plan light on waste details, report highlights recycling data gap WasteDive

Jeff Bezos Backs Corporate Tax-Rate Increase and Infrastructure Plan WSJ

Black Injustice Tipping Point

Police keep using force against Black citizens in Rochester. And the demands for change keep growing. WaPo

Key takeaways from the Derek Chauvin trial, Day 7 ABC

Big Brother IS Watching You Watch

Your ‘smart home’ is watching – and possibly sharing your data with the police Guardian

Our Famously Free Press

On the Miserable Necessity of Doing Censorship Stories in Pairs TK News. TK News. Matt Taibbi.

Meet the Censored: The U.S. Right to Know Foundation TK News. Matt Taibbi.

Class Warfare

Yellen calls for minimum global corporate income tax AP

Meet the Highest Paid CEO in S&P 500, Paycom’s $211 Million Man WSJ

1,100 Coal Miners Go on Strike in Northern Alabama Payday Report

Bezos, Musk top Forbes’ record-setting billionaire list Reuters

Democrats en déshabillé



Glenn Greenwald Took on the Authoritarian Right in Brazil — and Won Jacobin

My New Book on Journalism, Exposing Corruption, and the Resulting Risks, Dangers and Societal Changes Glenn Greenwald. Glenn predicts the MSM will largely ignore his book. I just ordered my copy.

Glenn Greenwald becomes focus of Brazil press freedom debate AP


Iran calls Vienna nuclear talks ‘constructive’, with next round set for Friday SCMP

EU to Turkey: Human rights issues are nonnegotiable Deutsche Welle


China-Iran pact more than meets the eye Asia Times

China leaps into a central digital bank currency, but similar progress eludes the U.S. CNBC


IMF projects India’s growth rate to jump to 12.5% this year Scroll


Five killed in Myanmar as troops open fire on protesters Reuters

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